Vision and Mission

Subrahmania Bharathi, the great Tamil poet, patriot and social reformer, called to the Indian nation to emancipate its women. Bharathi realized that if Indian women are freed and given the gift of education, they could soar to great heights.

The Pudumai Penn Foundation aspires to achieve Bharathi’s vision. We will serve as a catalyst, helping to impart career and life skills to women coming from underprivileged sections of society, helping them improve their economic and social status over the long term.

I firmly believe that when you nurture a young woman, her whole family will benefit, in turn creating and fostering future generations who contribute usefully to society as a whole and play a positive role in it. I hope you too will be inspired and join us one day.

Vanaja Arvind, Founding Trustee

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Pudumai Penn envisions an India characterised as much by its new generation of emancipated women leading in every global index of gender development as much as it is by its economic and demographic potential.

Our vision is to empower the young women of India by fostering all round life skills to achieve personal excellence, career aspirations, economic independence and social impact. We aim to impart knowledge and provide opportunities to learn, especially to those less fortunate, so that they may become equal contributors to overcoming individual, social and economic challenges.


We aim to create a positive impact in young women’s lives by:

  • Helping them successfully acquire a qualification in their chosen field of education, so that they can fulfill their career ambitions and gain financial independence
  • Coaching, mentoring and supporting them in order to create a strong, confident younger generation
  • Creating a variety of replicable, scalable and creative tools and processes to make this a self-sustaining movement


Our Objectives
Our Organisation