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Students from affluent families have the advantage of educated parents and a vast network of well-informed relatives and friends to mentor and guide them on education and career choices. Unfortunately, Pudumaipenn scholarship holders lack such a mentor network. They are also not exposed to structured learning interventions in the form of workshop or training programs.

To provide our scholars with a mentor network the Pudumai Penn Foundation hosts an Expert Talk session bringing in experts from a variety of fields to speak on important topics. The foundation also facilitates regular training programs and workshops which help the scholars acquire life skills as well as subject specific knowledge. These expert talks, training programs and workshops help motivate these talented young women to aim higher, expand their horizon, stay focussed and achieve their long term goal of building a successful career.

7th Mar 2021
Manifest your Destiny by V.Narasimhan

“Manifest your Destiny” was the title of the last workshop conducted by Mr. Narasimhan for the Pudumai Penn scholars for the year 2020- 2021. The session started with a very powerful clip showing many women who have been successful and high achievers and in various fields.

“Manifest your Destiny” was the title of the last workshop conducted by Mr. Narasimhan for the Pudumai Penn scholars for the year 2020- 2021. The session started with a very powerful clip showing many women who have been successful and high achievers and in various fields.

Narasimhan walked the participants through a 7 step process to achieve one’s goal.

Step 1 : Define your Life.

By recording one’s goals you set in motion the person you want to be.

Step 2 : Follow your passion

Participants were encouraged to share their individual passions. It was interesting to see the different ambitions each harbored!

Step 3: Seek knowledge.

Step 4 : Muster courage..

Nothing should stop us . Each of us have it within us to Manifest our destiny

Step 5 : Give it your BEST Shot !

Step 6 : Build a support system. No one can achieve everything on one’s own. Don’t be afraid to ask for support if needed

Step 7 : Most importantly, Never give up ! Achieving success takes time!

The participants were asked to create a blueprint for manifesting their own Destiny. Each one did the exercise by listing their strengths, identifying gaps in knowledge / skill, challenges they perceived in achieving the goal, and finally strategies that could be adopted to address those challenges.

This exercise was followed by a Visualization session. Narasimhan urged the participants to see themselves having achieved their goal. That itself would be the first step to success as “the mind does not differentiate between the real and imagined”!

The session ended with a rousing cry from all the girls saying “I am awake energized and alive” and affirming that were both Pudumai Penn and Singa Penn !

28th Feb 2021
Interview Skills by R.Kalpana

The Pudumai Penn scholars in their final year were in for a treat. Kalpana facilitated a very lively session on “Tips to bear in kind while attending a placement interview”

She opened the session with a very relevant question and asked the girls to reflect on what they had learnt during the pandemic period. It was heartening to note how many of them had used this time to pick up new skills and upgrade themselves. (Vanaja too shared her own initiative which was to learn painting!)

Managing change, Kalpana reiterated was one of the biggest attributes prospective employers would be looking for. Adaptability, being proactive, building on one’s strengths were other equally important attributes.

Kalpana shared the STAR model which is to assess the Situation – decide the Task- take Action – finally comes the Result.

Every Interviewee should be prepared to demonstrate to the Interviewer how they have some of the attributes that make them employable. Kalpana gave several examples of how this can be done. She cited typical accomplishments, for example playing sports. This shows discipline, dedication, team spirit. Several such examples were discussed.

The chat box on this virtual session was bursting with questions from the participants on what they expected to be asked at an interview. Kalpana discussed each of these and even offered a one on one session if anyone wanted it!

21st Feb 2021
Optimism and a positive mindset by Rajini Sriraman

The session titled ” Optimism and a positive mindset ” facilitated by Rajini last Sunday was very well attended by students across all batches.

Rajini started the session with a short story of a farmer and his wife. The story amply illustrated how a positive outlook can shape the lives we lead and the experiences we have. A negative outlook, as opposed to a positive outlook, always results in a negative outcome. “Negativity is a powerful emotion. We must push it out, before it overtakes us” was her message.

The components of Optimism are Hopefulness, Resilience, Courage, Action orientation and Infinite mindset. To demonstrate how having these qualities can convert a negative situation into a positive outcome, she shared a personal reallife experience. This powerful story struck a chord with the girls and a few of them came forward to share their own experiences of how through resilience courage and action orientation they overcame difficult situations. This was particularly true when the current pandemic has affected the lives and livelihood of so many.

Rajini urged the girls to seek support when required and to tap into the network that they create.

Despite being a virtual workshop, there was high energy and participation in the group. For our firstyear students, it was the first of the skill development workshops and they got a flying start!

11th October 2020
Online Kick-off session for the 2020-21 batch of scholars

Madhavan from PudumaiPenn commenced the session and welcomed all the new scholars, trustees and volunteers

Students introduced themselves and spoke briefly about their goals and ambitions

Vanaja Arvind, Managing Trustee welcomed the new batch and spoke about PudumaiPenn’s role in developing the students and highlighted the importance of English language skills, workshops and other classes conducted by the Foundation.

Gita Muralidharan, Trustee congratulated the girls on their selection as a PudumaiPenn scholar and urged the scholars to actively participate in the workshops and other developmental activities.

Aarti Arvind shared the criteria in the selection of a PudumaiPenn scholar and Prathima Rajan, Deepti Srivatsan and M. Annadurai shared their journey as Volunteers with PudumaiPenn

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