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Our Work

The Pudumai Penn foundation supports young women through four key areas of work:

Academic scholarships: We offer a four year financial assistance programme to cover the college fees of qualifying girls who have passed their 12th-standard board examination, so they can obtain a university degree in order to pursue a career in any field of their choice. The selection process for each batch of candidates takes place between March and June each year. In 2015, 45 new scholarships were awarded in three categories: undergraduate, higher education and sports. We also continued 7 scholarships awarded in 2014, taking the total number of girls supported to 52.

  • For more details of our scholarship program, click here.
  • For details on how to apply for an academic, higher education or sports scholarship click here.

Structured learning intervention: We offer a six month programme of workshops and classes to our scholars designed to provide English language skills, and interventions designed to broaden their horizon, build confidence and self-esteem. The learning interventions focus on skill development in order to improve the girls’ command over both spoken and written English. We also aim to help our girls understand the requirements of the wider world and so that they are ready to be part of it. The program also aims, over time, to enable them to manage themselves with self-assurance and become productive, engaged citizens.

Computer proficiency training: Proficiency with computers is today a prerequisite for any career. We offer computer proficiency classes at our own custom-built computer training centre in Chennai. Our scholars receive training in the typical programmes used in an office environment such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, as well as on e-mail use and how to use the internet for research. We also train girls who have opted for information technology courses in state-of-the-art programming languages to enable them to obtain part-time jobs while completing their degree courses.

Placement: We will secure internships for girls pursuing professional courses such as IT, chartered accountancy, etc. Going forward, through co-operation with the corporate sector, we plan to facilitate placement of our scholars in companies across India.